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International Access Bars Facilitator, Spiritual Coach & Therapist

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"Nothing lights me up as much as supporting my clients through their healing, growth and happiness."


 Dr.Diksha Kamble is a passionate Entrepreneur, Spiritual Activist, Energy healer, Shamanic practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Intuitive healer & Life Coach aiming to bring a spiritual revolution of conscious creation, spiritual awareness,authenticity and love through 'The White Space'. She has trained, empowered and healed thousands of individuals to create and change their reality on both an individual and collective level.  

 Services For You

Energy Medicine

Conscious Reality Creation


Shamanic Healing

Empaths & Sensitives 

Psychotherapy & Life Coaching

Channeling & Mediumship

Intuitive Readings

What My Clients Say

I had cataract of left eye. I approached Dr. Diksha to do healing for me. After she undertook a shamanic journey for me, right in the evening I started seeing improvement in my cataract. My eyes have become less watery and I have been feeling very peaceful,calm and fresh. I became aware through her shamanic healing and other energy medicine tools that how my cataract is connected to my worries about finances.I am still undergoing treatment with her and with every passing day my condition is improving. 

I would strongly recommend 'The White Space' for all sorts of healings and therapy.

Mrs. Asha K 

Reiki Healing


Message for the day

"May our love and healing bring you the peace and compassion that you are so truly worthy of."

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