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Light Language- The New High Dimensional Healing

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

We all have been there as children babbling strange words that makes no sense at all but sounds so pleasing to the ears isn't it? What if I tell you these same words might be a source of interdimensional healing?

Well, its true. Light language is something that we all have been gifted with since the time we were children. The strange language we seemed to speak wasn't strange at all but was this beautiful healing sound frequency which has the capacity to heal everything and anything. Also it is not something that is bestowed upon just a few of us, but all of us. All we have to do is re-member and then together we can raise the vibration of all the consciousness that is there .

I m Asthraratha speaking through her now as I m being channeled ,as I m as a being being chanelled for being, in you assistance towards being ness. Being ness which is one of the most important tools for ascension and beingness which is light language.

We all have been born with pure potential, pure essence, pure light, pure being ness. Light language activates this same beingness and creation within each one of us through the medium of sound, codes and often movements too. This speaks directly to the heart leading to more healing, activating dormant DNA strands within each one of us and healing that which is required and intended to.

So now ,how do you channel and benefit from this interdimensional healing then?

By sitting in ascension and towards ,with the goal of mediation. Then what you are doing with the intent of chanelling this language, breathing and speaking is a light language. Anything and everything that speaks to you with and through your heart is the language of the heart in this deep deep state of surrender is then, the language of beauty, the language of light, pure creation.

(Offering a light language sample for you here to listen to. Let us know in the comment section below how you feel about it).

Allow this creation to become a part of you by ascending your own sense of beingness you which you already are so beautiful, so pure so innocent and there is nothing more you need to do but let go and sit in silence doing that what gives you most of joy and then believe that all that there is is here and as we ascend we also wish you the love and healing of the world. now what we channel let this also become a part of you and us and themselves.

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