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What message lies within the chaos of corona pandemic for you?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

We all have been there with the corona pandemic. 2020 being labelled the worst year of the decade. What does this corona pandemic bring to us?What are its gifts for you?

What has it transformed for you? What has it transformed in you?These questions kept lingering in my mind. So I thought to do something about it.

You see, according to shamanic traditions no matter what a situation is,it always brings in its own gifts, medicines to us. Also remaining true to these teachings, it means we as a global collective have attracted corona on some level in our collective/global realities. I wondered why. That's when I decided to channel the messages of this pandemic.

Sitting in a comfortable position, I relaxed myself completely. Focusing on my breathe, experiencing it to my fullest somatic awareness I set the intention as channeling messages for the global collective. Then in no time the messages started pouring in. I allowed the flow of messages to come in and within them the anecdotes of wisdom. The flow of messages, lead to some beautiful revelations as follows:

"We have been here for a very very longtime. Dormant yet within each one of you.

Don't you remember how you took your health, sanity and all the beauty and relationships for granted? We are all of that. Enough of talking and enough of lying.All of that which is old and which no longer serves you will be gone.What will only remain is pure experience and sensory awareness. Some will live through it and some will still cling to the old ways of being. The old ways of being which no longer serves anyone of us. The clinging, the wanting, the persistent feeling of lack. All of that will be gone now. Now that the Earth has decided to shed its old ways.

Are you all experiencing some sort of letting go this pandemic,during this lock down? The letting go off people,of situations , of jobs, of relationships that no longer gel with you, resonate with you? Allow them to go.Because corona brings about with it a new gift. A gift of newer, brighter tomorrow and a new Earth. As it transits from the old, no longer functional ways of being to the newer healthier ways of life. Let us welcome more value, more understanding, more awareness and more synchronicity with the rhythms of the earth as we realize that Earth belongs not to one but us all. Corona brings back the gift of oneness. Of unity of, harmony. Forcing us to stay either alone or with our families.Forcing us to deep dive within ,within this universe of our being and so of the world. To come back again more connected but first to our own selves. Corona brings the gift of Sundays, of selective productiveness and of unknown creativeness. Corona bring back the gift of hope and laughter, the gift of stillness and pause that we all so badly needed in our fast paced world.

Corona brings the gift of our own selves back in our own lives.

Corona signs off by saying,

"Dear ones, embrace our message. Then we would be gone in no time."

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